Jihlava Business Park - Antonínův důl
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<div class='altnadpis'>1. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>2. PRODUCTION </div> <div class='altnadpis'>3. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>Building 4</div> <div class='ohrtext'></div> <div class='hrefalt'><a href='antoninuv-dul-budova-4_1.php'>1. Floor</a></div><div class='hrefalt'><a href='antoninuv-dul-budova-4_2.php'>2. Floor</a></div><div class='hrefalt'><a href='antoninuv-dul-budova-4_3.php'>3. Floor</a></div> <div class='altnadpis'>5. PRODUCTION </div> <div class='altnadpis'>6. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>7. PRODUCTION </div> <div class='altnadpis'>7a. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>7b. PRODUCTION </div> <div class='altnadpis'>Area No. 8</div> <div class='ohrtext'> There are two floors with freight elevator</div> <div class='altnadpis'>Building 9 - PRODUCTION</div> <div class='ohrtext'></div> <div class='altnadpis'>10. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>Building 11</div> <div class='ohrtext'></div> <div class='hrefalt'><a href='antoninuv-dul-budova-11_1.php'>1. Floor</a></div><div class='hrefalt'><a href='antoninuv-dul-budova-11_2.php'>2. Floor</a></div><div class='hrefalt'><a href='antoninuv-dul-budova-11_3.php'>3. Floor</a></div><div class='hrefalt'><a href='antoninuv-dul-budova-11_4.php'>4. Floor</a></div> <div class='altnadpis'>12. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>13. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>14. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>19. PRODUCTION </div> <div class='altnadpis'>20. PRODUCTION </div> <div class='altnadpis'>21. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>22. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>23. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>24. STORES </div> <div class='altnadpis'>28. PRODUCTION </div> <div class='altnadpis'>29. STORES </div>
(The XX_YY_ZZ format to indicate the rooms has the following meaning: XX is a number of the building, YY is a floor, ZZ is an office number)
Premises type Indication Footage Price from Availability Detail
CLASS A OFFICES11_2_17245 m2850 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_1824 m2850 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_1923 m2850 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_208 m2850 Kč/m2YESmore
CLASS A OFFICES11_2_137 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_2_236 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_2_318 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_418 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_518 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_618 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_724 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_826 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_2_920 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_1012 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_1130 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_1230 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_2_1332 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_1445 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_1516 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_2_1618 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_3_146 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_3_222 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_3_318 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_3_418 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_3_522 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_3_612 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_3_1112 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_3_1213 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_4_119 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_4_218 m2770 Kč/m2NOmore
11_4_318 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_4_418 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_4_533 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_4_714 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_4_810 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_4_915 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_4_1016 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_1_1 to 11320 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_1_3010 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_1_319 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
11_4_1016 m2770 Kč/m2YESmore
STORES1806 m2460 Kč/m2NO
6539 m2460 Kč/m2NO
7/A602 m2460 Kč/m2YES
3627 m2460 Kč/m2YES
10382 m2460 Kč/m2NO
21276 m2460 Kč/m2YES
22229 m2460 Kč/m2NOmore
23225 m2460 Kč/m2NOmore
29384 m2460 Kč/m2YESmore
24/A75 m2460 Kč/m2NO
24/B75 m2460 Kč/m2NO
24/C75 m2460 Kč/m2NO
24/D95 m2460 Kč/m2NO
14311 m2460 Kč/m2NO
13365 m2460 Kč/m2NO
12674 m2460 Kč/m2Ne
PRODUCTION11_1_12 to 21225 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
5632 m2660 Kč/m2YES
8_182 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
8_282 m2660 Kč/m2YES
8/A66 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
7755 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
7/B436 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
2627 m2660 Kč/m2NO
4_1555 m2660 Kč/m2NOmore
4/A_188 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4/B_136 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_2_1120 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_2_28 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_2_3204 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_2_4130 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_2_572 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_2_9114 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_2_1093 m2660 Kč/m2NOmore
4_3_1A376 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_3_1B246 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_3_272 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_3_726 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
4_3_1075 m2660 Kč/m2YESmore
9_1412 m2660 Kč/m2YES
9_2412 m2660 Kč/m2YES
9_3412 m2660 Kč/m2YES
9_4252 m2660 Kč/m2YES
19249 m2660 Kč/m2YES
20704 m2660 Kč/m2YES
28540 m2660 Kč/m2YES

Industrial park with the total area of 22.975 m2 is located in Antonínův Důl, 3 km far from the D1 highway. The park consists of 12 buildings with the total flooring of 15,517 m2 /plant, offices, stockhouses/. Paved areas and aprons, parking area in front of the premises.

The building is guarded 24 hours a day and is accessible in Mo - Su from 0:00 am to 12:00 pm.